After a very successful program in 2017 we are extremely happy to announce two new golf conditioning classes commencing in February 2018.  These classes are exclusive to members of Shandon Park at a very preferential rate.

If you think golf is not an athletic sport you can think again! The golf swing is an explosive one sided movement that will place tremendous stress on your body.  So if you are playing week to week, competitively or non-competitively you will create muscle imbalances & muscle imbalances will dramatically reduce power production and create injuries!

Injuries will prevent you from playing!
Deprivation of golf leads to depression!

Whether you like going to the gym or not it is imperative that you complete a golf specific exercise program to ensure both your enjoyment and golfing longevity.

Sign up today and learn basic strength movements & mobility progressions in a friendly group environment!


Increase your clubhead speed!

Improve your ball Striking!

Lower your scores!


Phone the professional shop 02890 805031