Membership Categories / Fees

1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024

Direct Debits
* Subscriptions over £200 per annum may be paid by Direct Debit
* Club subscriptions for less than £200 must be paid in full on renewal and are not eligible for payment by monthly direct debit.
* Where a member is paying more than one subscription, including for example for other family members, then the limit applies to the total amount payable.

Joining Fees (Applicable from December 2021)
* New golfing members are required to pay an initial joining fee equivalent to one year’s annual subscription for their relevant member category.
* Two or more new members joining together (eg friends) will each pay 75% of applicable Joining Fee
* No Joining Fee will apply to the Junior Golfer categories.
* Junior Golfers of a minimum of three years’ standing will be exempt from a Joining Fee when moving through to adult categories.
* No Joining Fee will apply to new Social Members

Category Fee
FULL MEMBER (7 day golfing membership Over 30) £1,190
FULL MEMBER Under 30 £945
FULL MEMBER Under 28 £765
FULL MEMBER Under 26 £650
FULL MEMBER Under 24 £550
FULL MEMBER Under 22 £400
6-DAY MEMBER (Sunday - Friday ) £980
5 DAY MEMBER (Monday - Friday ) £860
COUNTRY MEMBER (residing 40 miles or more from Clubhouse) £680
OVERSEAS MEMBER (residing outside UK & Ireland) £475
JUNIOR (under 18) £200
JUNIOR (under 15) £150
JUNIOR (under 12) £40
SOCIAL MEMBER (non-golfing membership) £132
SOCIAL MEMBER'S PARTNER (non-golfing membership) £60
GOLF IRELAND FEE (Over 18) £24.50
GOLF IRELAND FEE (Under 18) £6.50
LOCKERS (per annum) £40
TROLLEY STORE ONLY (per annum) £40
Membership Categories & Fees

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